Music Production & Business Program - $1,699.00 (Books & fees included)

In our production and business program you’ll be learning everything necessary to succeed in today's music industry. Our 5 day program consists of 8 Modules covering topics such as music theory, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and more! Utilizing leading industry software, you'll be provided one-on-one time throughout the program with a professional to focus on achieving your goals. Apply today and leave Phaser Control Recording Studio with the confidence to record and produce all genres of music!


Logic Pro & Ableton Overview

In depth exploration of leading-industry DAWs. 


  • Environment 

  • Recording & Editing Audio

  • Automation

  • Stock Plugins 

  • Levels & Balance

  • Tone & Depth of Sound

  • Customization (Key Commands & Control Bar)


Arrangement & Fundamental Gear

Learn song structure & what gear you should aim to collect.

  • Song Anatomy

  • Critical Listening

  • Song Analysis

  • Emotion in Music

  • VSTs & Hardware


Music Theory

If you don't know these, you're not going anywhere! Learn the possibilities & practices of music

  • Key Signatures

  • Circle of Fifths

  • Major & Minor Scales

  • Arpeggios, Triads, & Sevenths

  • Inversions & Extensions 

  • Diatonic Chords 

  • Rhythm & Time

  • Melody & Harmony

  • Composition Guide


Piano Techniques

When producing, everything stems from knowing when, where and why notes go where they go. This will help you gain dexterity with the musical & technical aspects of a piano which will translate into all other instruments.

  • Keyboard Orientation

  • Utilizing Major & Minor scales

  • Chord Structure

  • 1 & 2 Hand Techniques

  • Inversions

  • Transposition 

  • Common Cadences


Sound Design

Learn the ins and outs of hardware and software instruments while utilizing other tools for huge sounds.

  • Components of a Synth

  • Types of Sound Synthesis

  • Characteristics of Waveforms

  • Modulation & Creating Movement

  • Macros

  • Layering

  • Drum & FX sampling



If you plan on making a living in the music industry you must know exactly what you're doing when you walk into any studio. You'll learn the technical aspects of sound during the processes of recording & mixing. Nothing worse than getting hired and realizing you are completely lost with microphone choices, microphone placement, mic pre, EQ and compressor choices. No two are the same and you should know why.

  • Role of Engineer & Producer

  • Sample Rate, Bit Depth, & Buffer Size

  • Digital vs. Analog

  • Mic Types & Placement

  • Vocal Recording

  • Routing


Mixing & Mastering

Learn the process of blending all the individual tracks in a composition & how to achieve commercial polish in your master. Topics include:

  • Environment & Arrangement

  • Levels & Balance of Elements

  • Stereo Imaging & Panning

  • EQ, Compression, & Saturation

  • Reverb & Delay

  • Bussing

  • Deconstruction of a Mix in Logic Pro/Ableton


Music Industry & Business

You never want to make a hit song and figure out someone has written you out of a contract. Learn how to formulate branding & marketing plans. Gain the knowledge to navigate the business & understand how to protect intellectual property. 

  • Business Fundamentals

  • Copyright

  • Representation

  • Synchronization

  • Branding

  • Social Media

  • Website Construction & Strategy

  • Blogs & Outbound Marketing