DJ Program - $799.00

DJ  (Rekordbox/Serato/Ableton)

With this this 3 day package you’ll be working with industry professionals on designing your own set in Rekordbox, Serato and Ableton. After you’ve perfected your set you’ll be DJing it at a club in San Diego. This gives each student a chance to break into the DJ business. If the student is under 21 or would rather have a 1 on 1 mixing/production session with one of the teachers the option is welcome.

  • Equipment overview

  • EQ, gain matching, effects

  • Beat matching

  • Hot cues & loops

  • Rekordbox

  • Serato

  • Ableton

  • Song structure

  • Harmonic mixing

  • Genre mixing

  • Acapella mixing

  • Reading a crowd

  • Structure a DJ set with a ZLC professional that you'll be playing at a club in San Diego



At Zerø Latency Cøllective, not only will you be learning everything above, you'll also be receiving a 200 page book written by the professionals which goes into great detail about everything you'll be learning in the workshop. All students will be learning on the industry standard Pioneer CDJ2000's and CDJ900's with a Pioneer DJM900 or DJM2000 mixer. At the end of the workshop each student will be putting their skills to the test by getting up on stage in front of a crowd and DJing their set they've put together with one of the ZLC pros. For those of you not 21 yet or would rather focus more on the production side of things we've still got you covered. You'll be joining one of the professionals for an hour long one on one studio session working on what we believe would benefit you the most! This could be helping you produce and mix your track to recording the perfect vocals for your track. It's all up to you! Phaser Control Recording Studio will be at your disposal.