Audio Engineering Program  - $2,499.00 (Books & fees included)

Mixing & Mastering

With this program you’ll be watching four different mix engineers deconstruct mixes from four different genres of music in Pro Tools, Ableton, and Logic Pro over 8 days at the beautiful Phaser Control Recording Studio. The program goes in depth on EQ and compression and explain how to use them correctly. Throughout the course you'll be able to ask as many questions as you like, a perfect opportunity to learn how to take your mixes to the next level! You will learn the process of blending all the individual tracks in a composition, how to treat your room, what tools to use, & how to achieve commercial polish. The course also includes a live mastering session of your own track to lead you in the way of getting the volume and clean clear sound you need to compete with major producers. 


(Although this course is taught in Pro Tools, Ableton and Logic Pro all techniques we teach can be applied to any DAW)


  • Environment & Aspects of Sound

  • Mixing Console

  • Maximizing Arrangement 

  • Microphones 101

  • Separation 

  • Recording Techniques

  • Routing

  • Stereo imaging & Panning

  • EQ, Compression, & Saturation

  • Bussing & Group Processing

  • Effects & Chains

  • Deconstruction of a mix in Pro Tools, Ableton and Logic Pro

  • Live Session: Vocals, Drums, Guitar/Bass 

  • One-on-one Session & Critique