Q: Does the zero lateny collective have experience teaching?

A: YES! You will be learning from professionals that have taught audio engineering, production and mixing at The Art Institute, San Diego State University, University of San Diego, The Recording Connection and Power Chord Academy.


Q: Is a tour of the studio part of the personal consultation?

A: Yes, all consultations are held at Phaser Control Recording Studio with a full tour of the facility though you may choose to have your consultation over the phone.


Q. How much prior experience do i need?

A. A basic knowledge always helps but is not required. 


Q. Does it matter what daw i use?

A. No. All the techniques we teach can be applied to any DAW. 


Q. What happens if i miss a class?

A. Unfortunately if you miss a class nothing can be done. We are all professionals and didn't get to where we were by missing opportunities. All of us take what we do very seriously and we suggest you do as well. The music industry is tough and if you slack off you'll never have a career in it.


Q. I'm thinking of taking similar classes elsewhere. why you?

A. When taking our workshop you'll be working hands on with seasoned professionals who've worked and played with some of your favorite artists. We show how major artists get their song to sound the way they do. We know...because we most likely help make them.